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  ' Actors, Exhibitionists, Musicians, Dancers, Technicians, Writers and Interesting Amateurs are welcome at Pepi's Pictures to be talented in front of, beside or behind the camera.' 
Please Join Us
My name is Barry Stone and this is the site to discuss things related to independent film making by myself and friends. We operate under a collective we have named as Pepi's Pictures. I have dabbled in film some years ago and with an enthusiastic commitment this new group intends to expand from somewhat humble beginnings. Early work has been done and post production is taking place. Projects are in train and we sincerely welcome participation by those confident of their talents or those seeking to hone them and gather experience. The direction of Pepi's Pictures is to produce uncompromising, interesting, compelling, sensual, comedic or sensitive visual Art pieces etc. for non commercial release on the internet. Should the possibility arise and with aims set high we would be pleased to eventually participate in film festivals and even consider the release of a collection of short works on a DVD.

We invite people in Brisbane to get involved in our film making. What ever your interest or talent is, it will be welcome and your commitment can be total or casual. You can spend as much or as little time as you have available as commitments will be voluntary and non- paid. The intention is to gather core of interested and reliable people who will develop and embark on various film projects. I am interested in experimental short works that express what evolves from the ideas I already have and those put forward by others.  There are several formative ideas shown on the Proposed Projects page and various links to all the information that is required. 
Looking for actors for several short films.
(Experience is not essential for these projects.)

See Auditions Page.
One of several projects begun see post production page.
 To launch Pepi's Pictures I have established contact with several underground directors and actors around the globe as well as the representatives of some Gay film distributors. (you can check the sort of people I contact on my Facebook page) I do communicate with many of them by electronic means, receiving encouragement and I have also managed to get myself in the credits of a couple of films recently. This says nothing except that I am keen. There is little point in doing something unless it is done well and with confidence. 
Interested Brisbane actors, film makers, editors, musicians, singers, dancers, artists craftspeople, make-up artist and sound or lighting technicians with any degree of experience or enthusiasm and anyone else who believes they have something to contribute, please email Pepi's Pictures and let me know if you want to get involved.
Pepi's Pictures is based in Brisbane Queensland Australia. (West End area)

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